Agenda Skolkovo Innograd delegation June 26th and 27th 2012

8 jun

Skolkovo at a glance

Technology Park Skolkovo Innograd is developing Russia’s version of Silicon Valley. The Russian Government and Western technology multinationals such as Microsoft, Cisco, Nokia and Siemens have committed to a research and investment program of $10 bln for the period 2010-2015.

The programme consists of five clusters:

  1. Biomedical
  2. Energy efficiency
  3. IT
  4. Nuclear energy
  5. Space.

The multinationals will commence research centres that combined with a business and a technical university, 1,000 start-ups and VCs form an ecosystem fostering break-through innovations. New products and services should be able to carve out niches in the world market.

The park itself is being build and buy 2014 should house over 30,000 technicians, engineers and researchers.

What are the advantages for Dutch (high) tech firms to join?

  • Access to attractive high-tech funding: o. a. seed grant up to 75% of the project up to $ 1mln
  • Access to world leading technology multinationals and Venture Capitalists: the road to Paolo Alto could just as well go through Moscow
  • Attractive base to access the fast growing Russian market (#4 by 2020)
  • Access to Russia’s excellent scientific infrastructure.


Agenda Skolkovo mission
A delegation consisting both of dignitaries from Skolkovo as well as members from leading Russian firms will visit the Netherlands this coming June 26th and 27th.

The preliminary programme is:
Wednesday June 26th
Breakout session per programme cluster:

Thursday June 27th
The program of the 27th of June is described in the attachment of this article. 

Interest in Skolkovo

When you are interested and see opportunities for your corporation, please contact Hans van Koningsbrugge or Willem Moolenburgh.

The Netherlands-Russian Centre (NRCe) joined by International Business Solutions (IBS) support (high-tech) firms in developing business in the Russian market.

The NRCe holds multiyear relationships with Russian institutions and government agencies. The Centre offers access to a network of commercial veterans, experts in cultural heritage and experienced specialists in Russia.

IBS focus on the commercialisation of high-tech technologies in international settings and understand the worlds of start-ups, research institutes and blue chip firms. Our advisory services focus on both one-off transactions as well a multi-year partnerships. We have multi-year experience in the European and the Russian market space.