Located in the Caucasus between Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia, Georgia prefers to position itself as a hub between Europe and Asia. To strengthen its role in international trade, Georgia has spent the past few years improving both its land and air infrastructure. Highways have been improved, new railway lines have been built and the (air)ports have also been improved. This will enable Georgia to further strengthen its role as a trading nation in the Caucasus.

Business climate
In order to emerge as a trading nation, Georgia has also set up a much more liberal tax system in recent years and worked to create a strong business climate. By implementing comprehensive reforms, Georgia can be called a success story when it comes to doing business. In 2020, the World Bank reported in its Doing Business report that Georgia ranked 7th in ease of doing business among 190 economies, 2nd for ease of starting a business and 5th for ease of registering property.

Economic Outlook
Before the Corona pandemic, Georgia's GDP grew by 5.1% in 2019 (USD 17.6 trillion). The years before 2019 also saw strong economic growth. From 2010 to 2019, GDP grew by an average of 4.9%.

Although Georgia is self-sufficient in energy through hydroelectric power, the country depends mainly on Azerbaijan for its gas and oil resources. With its strategic location between Europe and Asia, Georgia aims to become a hub for the transit of oil and gas. For entrepreneurs, the transit of oil and gas offers great opportunities because there are many transport possibilities to be realised. For the hub function, Georgia has already invested heavily in pipelines and railways.

Export products
Besides its hub function, there are two important sectors for doing business with Georgia, namely the agricultural and industrial sectors. Georgia is especially known for its high quality wines.


Export product

Agricultural sector

Mainly citrus fruits, grapes and hazelnuts

Industrial sector

Mining (manganese), metal, copper, gold, cars and chemical products

Georgia offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs. With a strong economic growth and a liberal and tolerant business climate, Georgia is one of the most promising countries in the Caucasus to trade with. We would like to make an appointment with you to discuss in detail the opportunities for your products or services.