About us

We are for erasing boundaries and opening new opportunities

Founded in 2007, The Netherlands - Russia Centre aims to establish cross-border business and cultural relationships between The Netherlands and The Russian Federation. Its general director, Professor of Russian History and Politics J.S.A.M. (Hans) van Koningsbrugge, has a wealthy background in dealing with Russian State Agencies while exploring Dutch cultural heritage in the Russian libraries and archival depositories. Always attracted by Russian history, Mr. van Koningsbrugge is fascinated by analyzing the current political and economical situation of Russia on the global market. ​Since 2018, we also cooperate with partners to provide organizations in the South of the Netherlands and Belgium with our expertise.

Our team of experts in international relationships between Russia and the rest of the world is always happy to support companies in the developing Russian market. We are also happy to offer our cultural expertise to cultural institutions and (news) media.